Sealants – Benefits and Process

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As the owner and managing member of Kids Teeth, LLC, Dr. Ophir Alalouf provides preventive care and treatment for patients ranging in age from infancy to young adulthood. For children and adolescents at risk of cavities, Ophir Alalouf, DDS, offers pit and fissure sealants.

Although brushing and flossing are typically effective in removing food from teeth’s smoother surfaces, the grooves and valleys of back teeth can be more difficult to clean. To guard against this, dentists often apply a thin plastic sealant to the surface of the tooth.

The process is most often used in children between the ages of 6 and 14. IT may also be recommended for younger children who are at particularly high risk of cavities in the baby teeth, or for adults without existing fillings in at-risk teeth.

Typically a painless process, preparing the teeth for sealants first requires a complete cleaning and drying of the teeth. The dentist then roughens the surface of the teeth to allow the sealant to more effectively bond with them. The sealant goes on in liquid form and hardens on the teeth, occasionally with the help of a curing light.

The final sealant protects the teeth for up to 10 years. Inspection of the sealant should be a regular part of regular dental visits during that time, so that the sealant can be replaced if it becomes chipped or worn.


Children’s Wish Foundation- Meeting the Needs of the Whole Family

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Children’s Wish Foundation

An experienced dentist, Ophir Alalouf, DDS, is the owner of Kids Teeth, LLC, in Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Ophir Alalouf provides services for children from birth through young adulthood. Outside of his professional responsibilities, he gives back to the community through his support of multiple nonprofit organizations, including Children’s Wish Foundation International (CWFI).

Understanding the stress that serious illness can place on a child, this organization seeks to bring a smile to young faces as they face disease by granting them a favorite wish. While the immediate family of the child is included in wish fulfillment, CWFI’s support of the entire family does not end there.

The Family Focus program follows individuals, after the fulfillment of a wish, to provide additional support. This program relies on referrals from the medical community, which contacts CWFI to arrange for simple escapes when the timing is right. These escapes range from a special dinner to a trip to the movies, as well as tickets to sporting events and shows.

Under special circumstances, CWFI will arrange weekend getaways to a nearby location chosen by the child. In all these cases, expenses for the excursions are covered by CWFI.

Caring for Infants’ Teeth

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Teeth Brushing

As the owner, primary dentist, and managing member of Kids Teeth, LLC, Dr. Ophir Alalouf cares for children of all ages, including infants. Ophir Alalouf, DDS, is dedicated to collaborating with parents to establish good dental hygiene practices for their children and lay the foundation for a lifetime of oral health.

Good oral hygiene starts before a baby’s first tooth erupts. This is the time during which a parent can establish the routine of wiping the baby’s gums with a washcloth, gauze, or finger brush, so as to prevent the buildup of bacteria that can infect emerging teeth. When the teeth do begin to erupt from the gum line, the parent can clean them easily with a cloth or infant toothbrush and water.

The parent should schedule an initial dental visit before the child’s first birthday or six months after the first tooth erupts, whichever occurs soonest. If a child shows signs of dental injury or disease, however, he or she should see the dentist immediately.

Dental visits should continue every six months, in between which the parents can continue to gently clean the teeth. The parents may choose to introduce toothpaste after the first birthday, though it should be fluoride-free to prevent fluorosis should the child swallow any.

Health Problems Associated with Gingivitis

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A pediatric dentist, Dr. Ophir Alalouf received his DDS from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and completed his residency in pediatric dentistry at the university’s children’s hospital. At his practice in Rockville, Maryland, Dr. Ophir Alalouf delivers a range of proactive dental treatments, including those addressing gingivitis.

Gingivitis, also known as “gum disease,” manifests when bacterial infections of the teeth and gums lead to overall oral health decline. Patients with gingivitis experience generalized gum inflammation as a result of plaque buildup that undermines the integrity of oral tissues. If left untreated, gingivitis can escalate, ultimately causing teeth loss and even degradation of the jaw bone.

Early on, gingivitis symptoms may be subtle and cause no pain. Signs include swollen gums that tend to bleed when brushed or flossed. Moreover, patients may experience bad breath and pus formation between teeth. It’s important that patients with gingivitis symptoms see a dentist to begin treatment.

Most often, gingivitis arises as a consequence of poor dental hygiene habits such as inconsistent brushing and flossing. Other risk factors include a compromised immune system and tobacco use

The Use of Space Maintainers in Pediatric Dentistry


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Space Maintainers

Dr. Ophir Alalouf serves as the owner of dental office Kids Teeth, LLC, in Rockville, Maryland. A pediatric dentist, Ophir Alalouf, DDS, provides comprehensive and routine dental and oral health care as well as specialty care for patients from birth through college age. His expertise in treating children includes the installation of space maintainers.

Space maintainers may be necessary if a child loses a baby tooth prematurely because other temporary or permanent teeth may crowd into the empty space, possibly interfering with correct positioning. The misplaced teeth may present difficulties with speaking and chewing.

To alleviate this problem, the dentist puts a space maintainer in place of the lost baby tooth. It may consist of a band or a temporary crown. The procedure normally consists of three steps:

First, a rubber band called a separator is placed in the affected area. Up to seven days later, the dentist inserts an orthodontic band and makes a mold to determine the right size and shape for a temporary crown. A dental lab makes a temporary crown from the mold and this device is then cemented into place. When the permanent tooth appears in the proper location, the crown is taken out.

Marine Corps Marathon Hosts 41st Annual Race

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Marine Corps Marathon

Earning his DDS degree at State University of New York in Buffalo, Dr. Ophir Alalouf owns and serves as managing member of Kids Teeth, LLC, Health: Pediatric Dentistry in Rockville, Maryland. In his free time, Ophir Alalouf, DDS, enjoys running and has participated in four marathons, including the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) races in Chicago and Washington, DC.

As one of the largest marathons in America, the MCM is dubbed “The People’s Marathon,” since it does not award any prize money. It began in 1976 with 1,018 finishers who paid $2 to run through the nation’s capital. Today, the MCM dedicates 3,000 entries for those in active duty or reserves.

On October 30, 2016, the MCM sponsored its 41st annual race with 19,724 finishers. These racers started between the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery and ended at the Marine Corps War Memorial.

Groundpounder retired Colonel Al Richmond completed his 41st consecutive race with a time of 6:39:47. Groundpounders are those who have completed every MCM. US Army Specialist Samuel Kosgei won his second MCM with a time of 2:23:53, while on the women’s side Perry Shoemaker crossed the line at 2:51:48. The 2017 race is scheduled for October 22.

Oral Health – Teeth Grinding

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Ophir Alalouf

In preparation for his career as a dentist, Dr. Ophir Alalouf studied at the State University of New York at Buffalo, from which he achieved his DDS and through which he completed a residency and a fellowship in pediatric dentistry. Drawing on his training, Dr. Ophir Alalouf now provides dental care to young people through his Rockville, Maryland, practice, Kids Teeth, LLC, where he treats issues like teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, occurs when people clench or mash their teeth together, resulting over time in detrimental wear. Teeth grinding occurs during the day in the form of an unconscious habit as well as during the night while sleeping. Patients who grind their teeth in their sleep are more likely to have other sleep-related conditions, like sleep apnea.

Though mild teeth grinding may require no treatment, moderate to severe teeth grinding can give rise to such serious dental problems as broken and loose teeth. Ultimately, the condition of teeth damaged by grinding can become so dire as to necessitate tooth extraction.

Before the situation gets out of control, dentists can provide proactive treatments to protect patients’ teeth. For example, practitioners can offer mouth guards that fit over teeth, protecting them from grinding while the patient is asleep.

Dr. Ophir Alalouf offers a range of specialized services at Kids Teeth, LLC